looking up webWe are so glad you’re here! Living by Truth is a blog managed by Katie Brown, a wife, mother, counselor, writer and follower of Jesus. She is a Christian dedicated to accurately handling the Word of Truth (the Bible) and encouraging other women in the same pursuit. If you are a Woman of Truth and would like to write a blog post to be published here, send Katie a message.  Any friend, mother, wife or single with a heart for Jesus and His Word, who firmly believes that we are born dead in our sins, hostile towards God and that Jesus is the Son of God, sent to reconcile us to God by giving His life as payment for our sins, believing that he died and rose again, conquering death and providing the way of eternal life through belief in Him is welcome to contribute. Through the great love and sacrifice of Jesus we are saved and can live in hope as children of God. We are passionate about studying the Bible and look forward to sharing with you as we study, encouraging you to discover the Truth along with us.


Katie (and the rest)!